Dear Friends -

Thank you so much for visiting this page! We've had an amazing response from donors around the country who have contributed to our initial campaign in various ways, such as mailed checks, grants, in-kind donations, and fundraising events. We made our initial goal and with your help wrapped a wonderful shoot with beautiful results.

BUT WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! Although we have made it through principal photography we need still need help to provide for post-production costs to finally bring this film to the community that built it. We need to pay for editing, color correction, sound design, music composition, and other finishing to make our Detroit premiere in Fall of 2015.

To make a donation via mail, please send a check payable to: 


1950 Trumbull Suite 34

Detroit, MI 48216

The filmmakers and Detroit community partners working to create American Prophet believe in the power of this story and its potential to inspire positive change. Please consider contributing to the creation of a powerful motion picture that not only entertains and thrills, but also shares a message of hope and peace with people around the world. With your help, this inspiration can become a reality.